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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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details in the insta-weather forecast >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is 11 news tongiht. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> our big story tonight, with four games left, the orioles capture a share of the first place in the american league east with a win over the red sox. they need two more wins to clinch a playoff spot. we have a fan reaction. but let's begin with pete gilbert live on the field with high blood. >> the more the orioles on a their past, it seems to better their karma. on the six dates they have unveiled a statue, they have won four games. it was a 1-1 victory. against the boston red sox. they move closer to a post-
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season berth for the first time since 1997. they honored brooks robinson. number 5 throwing out the first pitch. still got a decent arm. great to see him in good health. manny machardo playing at third base. rib singles give the birds the lead. machado. the perfect third to second. to cap things off, yes. he did it. proves to be the game-winning home run. now 72-0 in games in which they had a lead after seven innings. they are no 91-66 and tied for first with the yankees who lost earlier today. we will talk about that in
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sports. as far as more of what happened, let's go to george to have a great time talking to fans. >> tell you what, pete. these fans now believe this orioles magic is not just a fairy tale. what a win when >> robinson is the guest of honor -- when brooks robinson is the guest of honor. number 5 was the sixth and final icon to be a permanent fixture in camden yards. the 75-year-old and 16-time golden glove third base winner, had been battling health issues. he felt great about the honor. >> i want to say to all you fans here, i do not like to call you fans. i'd like to call you friends. >> later, the 1970 world series mvp hopped into a convertible and joined his fellow legends
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for a speech that touched upon his humble baseball beginnings in baltimore right after high school. >> my time with the orioles, i took my $4,000, my salary, came to baltimore. my first plane ride. i headed out to york, pennsylvania. i signed with the orioles a mainly because i thought it was the quickest way to the major leagues. >> this is a special night stay that way when the orioles beat the red sox and moved into a first-place tie in the al east with the yankees. >> we beat the evil empire. >> are you feeling? >> ecstatic. it is like the old days and a moral state. the old bird are back. brooks, i love him. >> and orioles fans will be looking for this week tomorrow. live at camden yards. >> it could not get any better.
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well, it well. and the what. it is the magic there. it is palpable. >> we had a lot of crowds with no rain. very comfortable temperatures, relatively low humidity. it should continue that way the rest of the night but changes are coming. we can see that the bulk of the rain was a sellout of us in the carolinas. you move to pennsylvania, there is a spring collectivity up there, some showers and northern california. a disturbance spinning around up there. we might see a sprinkle north of us overnight tonight. but there is a lot more moisture in the forecast over the next few days. so i will be talking about that in a few minutes. the flavor changes. >> of course. thank you cared switching gears. the investigation into of baltimore city man oppose the unexpected death after being taken into police custody is continuing what this family and friends say their goodbyes. anthony andersons funeral was held today.
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anderson died friday night while being arrested for drug possession. his family says the police assault him. police will only say the circumstances of the case remain under investigation. reporters say anderson's debt highlights ongoing issues of police brutality in the city. we >> are tired of the double standards. citizens if they commit crimes, they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. it is as if the law does not apply to police officers. we want there to be justice across the board. we want justice for the family of anthony anderson. >> city police say the two officer involved are suspended with pay while homicide detectives investigate. and 11 news update. baltimore city police have charged a man after a three- month murder investigation. they arrested a 19--year-old in connection with the shooting on june 19. the 19-year-old was found dead
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with several gunshot wounds to his body. holt faces first and second degree murder charges. several groups canvassed a baltimore neighborhood in support of the dream act, the ballot question that if approved would give in state tuition to undocumented immigrants. those immigrants must attend a maryland high school for three years and prove they or their parents estate tax says. members of grass-roots organizations in favor of the act went door to door to reach out. >> in the long run, this law will benefit you, too, because our economy depends on having more college graduates and your social security will ultimately depend on whether these kids are successful. so we all have a vested interest in seeing these kids do well. >> the dream act was passed by the general assembly last year. opponents say the law is unfair to citizens and will be a burden on the state. they collected more than 100,000 signatures to force the issue on the ballot.
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across the nation. police teamed up with the drug enforcement administration for national progress current -- prescription drug take that day. area residents turned in their own use and on wanted prescription drugs at more than 5000 collection sites, including the baltimore county police precinct in woodlawn. in four previous events, 1.5 million pounds of pills returned in. a convicted terrorist head home after 8 years in guantanamo bay. why the move does not mean he is a free man. plus, amber alert issued for two children and tennessee. what police say happened to their grandparents that leaves that children vulnerable.
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>> protest explode into violence as demonstrators clashed with police in five days. thousands of protesters gathered near spain's parliament of step over new austerity measures. the country is dealing with a
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25% unemployment rate and its second recession in three years. the youngest prisoner and last westerner to be held at guantanamo bay was sent and canada to finish his sentence there. a 26-year-old was transferred today to a maximum security prison in ontario. he received an 8 year sentence after pleading guilty for war crimes, including throwing a grenade that killed an army sergeant. in amber alert was issued for two children missing since their home for down last sunday. at first, the nine-year-old and half brother 7-year-old were presumed dead in the fire. the children were living with their grandparents in shelbyville, tenn., when their houses burned to the ground. as the week went on, investigators found the remains of the grandparents but no sign of the children. >> they feel they do not have solid evidence to assume the children were in the fire.
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>> there are no persons of interest in the case. the fire marshal says he has no information on the cause of the fire. in tonight's commitment 2012 report, president obama and mitt romney during up for their upcoming presidential debate. university of denver is preparing to host the first debate this wednesday at 9:00 p.m. workers assemble the stage in the campus arena today. about 1000 people will receive tickets to watch the debate. more than 50 million people are expected to watch each of the debates. a lot of people for the first debate. very exciting. exciting at home today. but there could not be more perfect. just wonderful. >> another game tomorrow. a day game. >> and? >> good question. a big question mark as far as the weather is concerned. we will talk about it in a minute in the forecast. right now, some clouds in the area. at the airport, 60. 67 downtown.
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>> a powerful typhoon hit southern japan. wind gusts were strong enough to overturn vehicles. 4000 people and open all were advised to move to safer
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locations. -- 4000 people in okinawa were advised to move to safer locations. >> i have a picture that is a couple hours old. the storm is moving towards the mainland of china. okinawa is an island to the south-southwest of the main island chain. a storm has a 85 mile an hour winds. is it no longer a super-typhoon, which it was yesterday. it is doubt -- now a category one hurricane. by the time it makes landfall in japan, just southwest of tokyo, it will probably be what we would consider a tropical storm. winds gusting at 75 miles per hour. the storm's center should pass to the west of tokyo, which put the strongest winds over tokyo itself. it is carrying a lot of moisture. it is not as strong as it was yesterday, but nonetheless, the
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storm is going to disrupt things in parts of southern japan over the next 24 hours. landfall is expected to happen over the next couple of hours. our own situation. a tropical air is to the south. we see the rain activity off to the south. we have a disturbance in the great lakes and ontario. it has stirred things up and parts of pennsylvania. we've got some clouds of that. there might be a few sprinkles to the north of us. this disturbance up there will bring a change in our weather tomorrow. a change in the flavor of the weather tomorrow. tomorrow, we made it to 70. a lot of the clouds and some sunbreaks. 55 was the morning low. the typical high as 73. the record in 1945 was 94. 62 in annapolis. cells carry 52. westminster 55. -- sols. alisbury a 52.
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here is the satellite imagery. these clouds, some of them and pennsylvania, producing some sprinkles, even a sharp. there is one front off over the ocean. that was a rainmaker yesterday. here is that little disturbance that is up in the great lakes right now. of more concern, this is a minor thing that will pass through during the day tomorrow. but there is a storm system developing down in the south. a lot of rain in texas. they wished they had had them this summer. that will be passing across the gulf coast and coming our way early next week. winter weather is on the way. tomorrow is a minor thing. mostly cloudy tonight. sprinkle north. 47 to 54 the overnight low our insta-weather futurecast for tomorrow. by afternoon, we begin to see not only clouds but that little disturbance producing a few scattered showers, or at least the chance for it. we cannot take rain out of the forecast for tomorrow. it will not be a big thing.
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for the red sox game, it looks like we stand a chance to see a few scattered showers and most the cloudy skies. temperatures will be 72 in the afternoon. at 5:00 when the game is winding down, maybe a scattered showers. it will not be raining all the time. but the chance is there. as far as the day forecast is concerned, west winds 5-10 knots. the day's worst. the rain chances tomorrow, not that they are there. symmetry is a high. 72 on monday. monday night and tuesday, the rain chances go way up. the rain near the gulf of mexico, a high chance for rain on tuesday with highs in the 70's. >> the orioles magic are brimming over tonight at the yard. a lot of the nail biting, but it is looking good. how are you doing? >> great. the orioles magic, past, present and future. will look at where the orioles are in the standg as well as telson tiger football.
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the story is straight ahead. >> it is america's favorite jackpot game. get ready, everybody. this is powerball. we are jumping off with a guaranteed $40 million. get those tickets ready. starting out with 57. after that, we have got the number 14. here is a picture of daryle from virginia. he won $2 million. he is the first virginia resident to win that much. the next number is 29. then 18. we round up with 28. tonight's winning powerball number is 8. good luck, everybody.
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make sure you check those tickets carefully. tickets carefully. number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> this is 11 sports.
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>> camden yards. it is about defense. >> 16 times a gold glove winner was brooks robinson. his connections are what made him mr. orioles. the statue is on bail today. speaking of the current orioles, they were there for the ceremony. a dozen of them, as buck showalter took the time just before the game to be out there and be part of the history and part of the karma of this season which has them at 91-67 after another one run victory tonight over the boston red sox. to grab the share of first place. top four. it.oks loved bottom 4, chris davis. crhaash davis.
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admire it, chris. you should. 30th home run of the season. he said he would not talk about 30 until he got there. 3-0. top 5. how about mark reynolds? he might win a gold glvoe. i do not know how he did it. he did. he came out from playing hide and seek. his arm is sore but he is ok. bottom seven, manny machado. tied at 3-3. it proved to be the game-winner. if you give the orioles' bullpen all leave, they will stand. jim johnson,, 1,2, 3, in the night. yes, in, they got the win. 28-9 in one run games. the fact it was a brooks robinson night, that much more as we saw the past and future colliding at camden yards.
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s. >> it was apropos that third base made a couple of nice place. just such a -- i can talk about mr. robinson all day long. >> trying to bring me in. catch the ball. do it on this night feels great. it is even better would came out with the win. >> the orioles took the field tonight, they knew they could grab a share of first place because of what happened north of the border today in toronto. the yankees face the blue jays. bottom one. davis off of andy pettitt. bringing to rockville back. making it 2-1. the game is tied game2-2. -- at 2-2. escobar in. gomes out at the plate. out at third. got caught.
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it did not matter because the balue jays bullpen. yankees fall. baltimore and new york sharing first place with 4 games to go in the season. tampa bay, 10-4, still 4 games back. their hopes are fading fast because they are running out of games. as far as the orioles a bid to win the american league east, we will have coverage of that. i will be in tampa monday morning was shaun smyth as we go down to check out if the orioles can win the american league east, live monday, tuesday and wednesday from st. petersburg and tampa. college football. we have the tigers and the tiger. towson at lsu. this became awfully interesting. lsu doing what you would expect early on. 78 yard touchdown.
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the rout is on, but it was not. up the middle he goes. goes 43 yards, taken down at the 1 yard line. terrence west eyes his way into the end zone. 9-7. twoson had the lead the second quarter -- towson had the lead. beckham, big night. towson lost by 38-22. the tigers representing themselves very well against the number 3 team in the country. please stay with us. one more
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>> we cannot guarantee it will stay dry through the game. there is a chance we will get a shower. most of the day will be fine. a lot of clouds, it temperatures and below 70's. a higher chance of rain monday now and tuesday. tuesday looks like a wet day. >> good job today. all right. great day. thanks for returning as. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. snl is next. have a great night. this is pbs. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you.


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